Quality Race Nights
QualityRace Nights

How much can we make by holdind a Race Night




Race sponsors at £25                                             £225


64 Horses over 8 races @ £3.00                          £192


Approximately 70 people on the night

Profit from betting on 9 races                            £315



8 Horses in auction sold for on

Average £25 each – profit                                    £100


Raffle                                                                           £50


                                                                  Total           £882


     Less            £40 Wine for Winning Owners



Profit £882


This is only a suggestion of what could be made at a race night. We see much larger amounts of profits been generated at many race nights some well into £1000+.


The more race sponsors you can attract, selling more horses and on the night of your event the more people you have there can greatly increase the potential profits you can make from a race night.

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