Quality Race Nights
QualityRace Nights

Things to do before your Race Night


  • Get companies or individues to sponcer the races.
  • Sell the horses for the first 8 races.
  • Think about having a raffle to increase your profits.
  • Invite as many people as possible to your event.


Get each of the races sponsored by local companies or people you know. Charge theses people/companies a sum of money for the privilege (say£25 each), these sponsors only receive advertising for they contribution. A race will be named after them at the Race Night say the Chippy Chase or the Sparky Handicap. These sponsors names will be announced several times over the PA system at the Race Night.


Sell the horses to individuals who support your organisation asking them to become horseowwners, for say the cost of £3 each, There is 8 horses to a race and 8 races to sell the horses for, so in total you need to sell 64 horses. The winning owners will receive a prize to the value of about £5 ( or proportional to the amount changed) this will leave a profit from each race. DO THIS BEFORE THE NIGHT



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